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Practice Unit Evaluation

HRE201- Unit Evaluation (Practice Version)

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Specific Expectations:
-identify the four gospels as the heart of the Christian Scriptures and the primary source of knowledge about Jesus;
- demonstrate an understanding of the importance of social justice by applying the teachings of Jesus to their own culture.
-employ Christian moral principles to issues concerning the media;
– apply the Church’s social justice teachings to both local and global concerns;
- evaluate their lifestyles in terms of its ecological impact.

Instructions and Tools:
Answer the following questions. Use your classroom notes and bible.

Part A: Knowledge/Understanding of the Old Testament
What did the Book of Genesis reveal? Discuss.
 /5 Marks

Part B:  Knowledge/Understanding of the New Testament
Use the bible and locate the following Scriptures in the New Testament.  Identify three chapters and verses and provide the message of each scripture.

Matthew-                                      Message/Themes:
Chapter ___ Verses _____          _________________________________

Chapter ___ Verses _____          _________________________________

Chapter  ___ Verses ____           _________________________________

Chapter ___ Verses _____          _________________________________

Chapter ___ Verses _____          _________________________________

Chapter ___ Verses _____          _________________________________

Luke-                                           _________________________________
Chapter ___ Verses ____
Chapter ___ Verses ____

Chapter ___ Verses ____            _________________________________

 Discuss each of the following themes:            /5 Marks each

Catholicism and Community
Christian Virtues and Values

Charity and Justice

Signs and Symbols of Culture


What Makes A Human Being Human?
What are some social issues Human Beings contribute to or face?

Part D: Media Analysis

As a whole class we viewed films such as ‘2012’, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and ‘KONY 2012’.  Select one of these media reflections and discuss the issues and or impacts one of these media works has on culture and community.  Discuss.                                                                           

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