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ISU Expectations-Important Content To Consider

Unit 2 Major Assignment
Grade 10 Religion
ISU Media-Scrapbook
Scavenger Hunt Hints

One of the places where we find out what human beings are all about is through the media.  This is one means of keeping up to date with the many occurrences and changes in our world today.  It also provides you with an opportunity to become familiar with the content of your daily newspaper and educational magazines as a source of current information about the daily changes in the world around us.

Finally the purpose of this assignment is to create an interest in, and an awareness of current problem and opportunities and to encourage reading, debate, and discussion of issues affecting the human self.

Divide into a small group of four and create a name for your group.  Groups should work together to find items from news or magazines articles from the Internet that relate to the Scavenger Hunt headings listed below.  Each group member should design a scrapbook or a power point presentation. The scrapbook will be handed in.

What Information To Include For Each Item:
Place your information in order of the titles given below.  Summarize each article in own words, include your opinion (agree, disagree and why) and include a recommendation (Would you change anything? Explain) Add images, and be creative in both your delivery and within your scrapbook.

Scavenger Hunt Items:
  1. An article describing a serious problem that needs solving.
  2. An article describing an effective leader or role model.
  3. An article that deals with an organization doing something unethical.
  4. An article that deals with a relationship gone wrong. (I.e. youth violent crime, suicide, homicide, divorces.)
  5. An article about a breakthrough in technology, science, or medicine that will help save many lives.
  6. An article about events in a foreign country that will affect the Canadian market or provide Canadians with new opportunities.
  7. An article relating to education or learning. (Positive or negative)
  8. An article on social assistance, unemployment, or welfare.
  9. An article on community involvement.
  10. An article that relates to any human trait discussed in theme 1.

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