Thursday, 26 April 2012

Measuring Friendship

Student Activity-The student will understand the note about Friendship and complete the following activity. 

Assigned- Friday April 27th, 2012
Due Wed May 2nd, 2012

5.12 Homework Task: How Intimate am I?

By the time you finish this homework assignment you will . . .

·        investigate the intimacy levels of your relationships

·        identify the intimacy levels of your relationships

·        evaluate how similar and different your intimacy levels are between relationships of different kinds

·        plan any changes you would like to make in the intimacy level you have with these relationships

STEP One:    Choose THREE people who you are in a relationship with at this time.
Investigate your level of intimacy with each person by making written records of how you communicate with each of these people.  For example, did you share an emotion with one of your parents today?  Maintain these records for at least two days.  You should have at least three written records for each relationship.

NB: You may choose your relationship with God as one of your three relationships. 

STEP Two:    After you have read over your written records, read over the Relationship Intimacy Scale levels.  Identify which level each of your five relationships is in at this point in time.  For example, you could say that you have a level four relationship with your brother because you told him how upset you were with a test score.  And yet, you didn’t feel that you could tell him how you have always been jealous of how well he does in school.  Be sure to explain your answers.  

STEP Three:  This is the most important part of the assignment.  Write a half page indicating any surprises you found about the levels of your relationships.  For example, if you found that you are actually more intimate with your parent than your best friend, would that surprise you?  Lastly, which of your five relationships would you like to change to a different level of intimacy?  Explain why.

Assessment:              You will be assessed for your understanding and application of the       Intimacy Scale.  You will receive a learning skill indicator for “works          habits” when this assignment is due in two days time.

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